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Government 3665 Study Guide Part 3_StudyGuide - Populists...

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Populists and Populism I. Historical context A. Gilded Age of big business B. No major difference between Republicans and Democrats C. Panic of 1890s led to discontent among farmers II. Currency and conspiracy A. Inflationists – debtors and coinage of silver B. Deflationists – creditors and gold standard III. The People and People’s Party A. Rhetoric of class work 1. Populist people = plain people B. Party platform 1. coin silver 2. graduated income tax 3. nationalize railroads and communication 4. curb immigration C. Rhetoric of Americanism 1. “raise less corn and more hell” Lease IV. WJ Bryan and Election of 1896 A. Led crusade against gold standard B. Lost election to McKinley by slim margin V. Populism, the State and the American Ideal A. Populists were not Socialists B. Populists wanted to expand power of government *I missed November 11 lecture, so this is based on my section discussion. Pg 787 There is nothing that will insure permanent peace by universal justice; that is the only soil that grows no poison. Universal justice means equal opportunities for all men and a repression by law of those gigantic abnormal selfishnesses which ruin millions for the benefit of thousands Pg 788 One man worth fifty or one hundred millions, or, one thousand millions, is a threat against the safety and happiness of every man in the world Pg 790 The trouble is that so many seem to regard government as divine something which has fallen down upon us out of heaven, and therefore not to be improved or even criticized; while the truth is, it is simply a human device to secure human happiness, and in itself has no more sacredness than a wheelbarrow or a cooking pot. The end of everything earthly is the good of man; and there is nothing sacred on earth by man, because he alone shares the Divine conscience o Who: Ignatius Donnelly
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o Context: utopian novel set in 1988 America o Themes: Christian Socialism, Populism, o Significance: formation of Populist Party ideals; novel written in 1891; Populist Party founded in 1892 Pg. 757 The nation had become the sole capitalist. It was equally the duty of every citizen to contribute his quota of industrial or intellectual services to the maintenance o the nation Pg 761 His title is his humanity. The basis of his claim is his humanity. Pg 763 Now that industry of whatever sort is no longer self-service, but service of the nation, patriotism, passion for humanity, impel the worker as in your day did the soldier. The army of industry is an army, not alone by virtue of its perfect organization, but by reason also of the ardor of self-devotion which animates its members. o Who: Edward Bellamy o Context: utopian novel set in 2000 America o Themes: egalitarianism, socialism, anti-competition for business o Significance: radical ideas that inspired the formation of “New Nationalist” clubs Pg 776 It is absurd to claim that injustice committed by muscle should be regulated, while the committed brain should be unrestrained. Pg 777
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Government 3665 Study Guide Part 3_StudyGuide - Populists...

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