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America’s love affair with liberal individualism, self-reliance created pervasive dislike toward the government. American exceptionalism & American egalitarianism . I. The Lockean Tradition A. Rights, consent, limited government 1. Government only there to protect sacred individual rights 2. If it does more or less, should be replaced B. C. Locke’s vision reifies individuality through work 1. Protestant work ethic as a command from God 2. Connection with American puritans, sent to America by God to tame land D. Also some Republican influences: emphasis on community, public good, civil responsibility, public spirit 1. Scholarly battle between “communitarianism” & Neolockeans like Kramnick (No Quotes Mentioned in Lecture.) II. The Puritan Soul & American Ideals A. B. Journey to America seen as akin to Hebrew’s flight from Egypt: their work was God’s work C. Chosen by God to make model Puritan society: Winthrop , “City on a Hill” = father of American exceptionalism 1. World historical mission. Abandoning God’s will would mean being punished. D. In Christian Commonwealth, state is all-powerful moral force that served God’s purpose by redeeming humanity 1. Also by punishing sin & immorality E. Puritan Communalism : totalitarian repression of individualism in name of community, emphasis expressed through dramatic self-governance, joining Puritan community through own free will (paradox: consenting to totalitarianism) F. Cotton Mather : two callings 1. General: serve lord 2. Personal: certain kind of work life given by God 3. Man’s duty to work hard & do well in that calling. Never be idle. 4. Seeking wealth & being successful = serving God on earth. G. Hard work linked to predestination. H. Race of life : everyone can improve their condition through hard work & Protestant character. (cf. social mobility, equal opportunity to succeed) 1. Franklin personified all themes in secular terms Quotes “In such cases as this the care of the publique must oversway all private respects.” “Wee must beare one anothers burdens, wee must not looke onely on our owne things, but allso on the things of our brethren.” “Lord will surely breake out in wrathe against us be revenged of such a perjured people and make us knowe the price of the breache of such a Covenant.” “Wee must be knit together in this work as one man, wee must entertain each other in brotherly affeccion, wee must be willing to abridge our selves of superfluities for the supply of others’ necessities.” “…for wee must Consider that wee shall be as a Citty upon a Hill, the eies of all people are uppon us…we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world.”
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Themes: Christian brotherhood, triumph of community over individualism. Significance: exemplifies Christian commonwealth ideals.
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Government 3665 Study Guide 1_StudyGuide - Americas love...

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