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Essay 3 March 7, 2008 I. Thesis : From 1933-1945, Soviet- American relations could be seen as tumultuous from the start; with the United States and the USSR having a “hot-cold” relationship based on a foundation of little similarities politically, economically and culturally. 1. At first, before joining the Grand Alliance, Stalin believed that the best way to avert war from his country was to join Germany in fighting the Western powers 2. signing of the Non-Aggression Pact between Germany <Hitler> and the Soviet Union <Stalin>, but Hitler breaks the pact in June 1941 3. FDR decides to extend its Lend-Lease policy <leasing massive amounts of massive military equipment> to the USSR FDR was determined to send the USSR whatever help that could be provided in fighting the Germans (Weinberg essay, 139) 1. Presidential dilemma: whether to extend aid to the Soviet Union and how to divide the available supplies between the British and the Soviets while building up America’s own power (Weinberg, 139) II. When US-USSR relations start to deteriorate: the discussion of the opening of the “Second Front” 1. Soviets wanted a Second Front to be opened in the East in order to get help in fighting the Germans. At this point, the Soviets are bearing the brunt of the European War. At first FDR promises this, but then prolongs his promise to Stalin a. Promises a Second Front on May 30,1942 to Molotov (USSR Soviet Minister) before the “years end” –Merrill and Paterson (pg 155) 2. Stalin becomes impatient with US delays, and writes a letter to Churchill expressing his
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Essay 3_Essay - Essay 3 March 7 2008 I Thesis From...

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