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HIST 314 Spring 2008 STUDY QUESTIONS FOR FINAL EXAM The final exam consists of four parts. Part I will be identifications, worth 30 points. Part II will be a chronology, worth 10 points. Part III will be a short essay on either David Farber’s Taken Hostage or Andrew Bacevich’s The New American Militarism . It will be worth 20 points. Part IV will consist of one of the following questions. It will be worth 40 points. In answering the question, be sure to provide specific relevant information to support your claims. 1. Choose one key turning point in the early period (i.e. 1945-1965) of American involvement in Vietnam and describe its significance. Be sure to contextualize this turning point by describing events leading up to and following it. In framing your answer, remember to consult the Jacobs and Merrill/Paterson books and your lecture notes. 2. "In terms of foreign policy, Richard Nixon can only be described as a superbly successful president." Evaluate the validity of this assertion. In framing your answer, be sure to consider the
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