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Your name (Last)______________(First)__________ Your section _______Your TA______________ Student ID ______________ Signature ______________ Practice Midterm II Friday Feb. 22, 2008 2:10 PM – 3:00 PM CHEM 2A, Section C, Winter 2008 Professor Guo This is a closed book exam. The only thing you may consult with is a pocket calculator or similarly functional math tool. There are 8 pages and a periodic table on the back; please make sure your exam is complete before starting. Section points 1 /40 2 /20 3 /20 4 /20 5 /20 Total /120
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Problem 1 (40 points) [One sentence answers] Helium (He) and argon (Ar) are stored in the container. What is the ratio of the speed of He to Ar? (6 points) Following the question above, if these two gases are allowed to effuse into a vacuum chamber next to the container, which gas completes the effusion first? (4 points) How does an electromagnetic wave make electrons “jump” between energy levels (orbitals) of an atom? (6 points) After solving the Schrodinger equation for hydrogen atoms, you will get the energies and
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midterm-ii-practice - Your name(Last(First Your...

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