ME_Snacking_Tips_Only_Final - Strategies on Snacking Eat

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Unformatted text preview: Strategies on Snacking Eat "mini-meals" instead of snacks that include some protein. I keep plenty of fresh fruit with me and I always eat some before I leave to go anywhere. This way I am full and I am not tempt I put all snacks on the ledge outside my office. That way, its more difficult for me to get to them and everyone else will eat them Have an extra piece of fruit in the lunch I bring to work, and eat it in the car on the drive home, which helps to reduce the urge If I really must have potato chips, I will take six or eight out of the bag, close and seal the bag, and then eat my smaller portion Don't buy it :-) I can't eat what's not there, and it's not worth a walk to the supermarket. Don't have junk food snacks in the house, but do keep fruit and veggie snacks ready to eat. Don't buy it. / Don't see it. / Think about your weigh in at the end of the week. / Think healthy. / Think about how tasty good foo Making sure I don't get overly hungry or feel overly deprived, because otherwise the candy that seems to be everywhere is nea Willpower. Losing weight starts in your head, and goes from there. There is no other method to lose weight. / Talking on the phone or to people in person. Don't keep unhealthy items around to snack on! if you do have them around try to think about what you are putting in your mou Avoid the area with food out. Get it out of sight. I brought a lot of the candy into work for others to eat. Having a plan for what I'm going to do after an appropriate meal or snack. So I don't need just an eating plan, but an entire day My kids are grown so bowls of Halloween leftovers and/or purchases of giant bags in anticipation were not an issue. However I decide not to eat ANY Halloween candy on the actual day of Halloween... when the candy is EVERYWHERE. Saved me 100 confining my eating to when I'm seated at the table. I'm much less inclined to snack when I do that than when I allow myself to brushing my teeth right after dinner. I am most tempted to snack in the evening, but once I brush, I usually can convince myse Buy prepackaged, low-calorie items (like 100-calorie snack packs, or fun-size candies). Keep them on a high shelf in the pant Not bringing low nutritive value items into my house in the first place. E.g., for Halloween, I hand out fancy pencils and erasers thinking about food as fuel instead of fulfillment. I allowed myself two pieces of Weight Watchers / Whitman candies on Hallow realizing when I am hungry....
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ME_Snacking_Tips_Only_Final - Strategies on Snacking Eat

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