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Carolina Werle Visiting Scholar Brian Wansink Director   Pam Staub Admin Support   Collin Payne Consumer  Research Assoc.  Director Scott Zuckerman Electronic Media  Assistant   Sandra Cuellar   Operations Assoc.  Director Steve Kern Web Page Admin   Lenny Vartanian Psychology  Research Assoc.  Director Ben Metzler Education  Outreach Assistant Michelle Colban Grant Assistant   Becky Vayo Relations Assistant Ronnie Alsen
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Unformatted text preview: Operations Assistant Kristen Kernan Operations Assistant Jordan Trigilio Ithaca College Communications Intern Julia Langer Photo Assistant Caroline Gluck Video Assistant C ORNELL F OOD & B RAND L AB Billie Koperwas Special Projects Randy Shayler Special Projects Jenica Abram Participant Relations Assistant Michael Schechter Archiver...
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