Exam2_review_Study_Guide - Introduction to cognitive...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to cognitive science Exam 2 Review page 1 of 5 Review Sheet for Introduction to cognitive science Exam 2 You are responsible for EVERYTHING in the lecture and in readings o I provide the review sheet as a guide not a contract I may ask questions that are not overtly mentioned in the review sheet Study for the exam as if it were all essays. Could you answer all the following questions in a few sentences, or with a graph and an explanation of the graph? Computer Science What is GOFAI? o a PSS? o Tell me a bit about Logic Theorist General Problem Solver Eliza SRDLU SNePS/CASSIE What is a problem space? o What is an algorithm for solving a problem o What is a heuristic Tell me why the Chinese room argument is important here o What is the systems reply to Searle? o And the back and forth? What are some problems for GOFAI/PSS? o Tell me about the cat-skinning conundrum (e.g., the trade off between computationalism being right and being useful) What is connectionism? o what is parallel processing? o What is a distributed representation? o What is neural plausibility? Do connectionist systems have it? What about symbolic systems? What is learning like in a connectionist system? o Hebbian learning? o Backpropagation learning? Tell me a bit about learning the past tense of English and modeling it with a connectionist system o Could a PSS do this (or as well?) Could a connectionist system do logic well? Does connectionism totally avoid the cat-skinning conundrum? o What about the Chinese room argument? Introduction to cognitive science Exam 2 Review page 2 of 5 Language Acquisition The big question is innateness What do children have to learn? Know something of the order information is learned in Know something of the timeline for this learning Know what a rule-based account of learning is What is the Language acquisition device (LAD)? What are the arguments in favor of it? What is poverty of the stimulus? What are parameters in language acquisition? Know what a connectionist/correlational/statistical account of learning is How would learning language by associations occur?...
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/20/2009 for the course COGST 101 taught by Professor Bienvenue,b during the Spring '08 term at Cornell.

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Exam2_review_Study_Guide - Introduction to cognitive...

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