Scenario 3_Problem_Set_Solution - Our analysis concludes...

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Our analysis concludes that Farm 1 is superior to Farm 2. Although Farm 2 has a few factors that are superior to Farm 1, the structure of the farm, body composition of the horses, and overall health – which are more crucial to animal welfare – are superior in Farm 1. The structure of Farm 1, which allows for horse grazing, is certainly superior to Farm 2, which utilizes stalls. In Farm 1, horses get significantly more exercise as they can graze on fifty acres of property. In contrast, Farm 2 keeps the horses confined in 12x12 box stalls which is the minimum requirement of space for horses – as stated in the guide of Animal Welfare Regulations [6]. This can have negative ramifications as studies have discovered that keeping the horse in stalls can often weaken horses’ bones, making them more prone to injury. In addition, it has been concluded “that stalling weanlings results in a negative effect on bone mass” [1]. Despite the negative aspects of the stalls in Farm 2, the size of the stall there at 12x12 feet is sufficient: “A 12x12 foot is most desirable” [2]. The horses are also tamer at Farm 1 as exhibited by the absence of a flight zone in
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Scenario 3_Problem_Set_Solution - Our analysis concludes...

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