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1st Paper Assignment_ProblemSet

1st Paper Assignment_ProblemSet - Business Law II Spring...

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Business Law II Spring, 2008 Assignment #1 This assignment is due Wednesday, February 20 in class . There will be no extensions unless you face extremely unusual circumstances and your request is approved in advance. If you write the paper with a partner, please be sure that both names appear on the paper and that you submit a partnership form. If you are unable to attend class, you may send your paper to me as an e-mail attachment [ [email protected]] but I must have a hard copy of your partnership form. No more than three double-spaced pages will be accepted. Please use at least 12 pt. font and one inch margins throughout. YOU WILL RECEIVE A GRADE PENALTY IF YOUR PAPER IS TOO LONG. See the announcement posted on the course website for my office hours. I can also meet with you before class. THE PROBLEM: Alan, Bruce and Craig are the original shareholders and directors of Ajax, Inc. which was organized under the Revised Model Business Corporation Act. Ajax was formed in early 2006 when each owner was issued 1000 shares of stock.
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