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Human Natue Class Lecture - Human Nature Study Human Nature...

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Human Nature Study Human Nature in hopes of understanding human behavior Way to lead a happy life is to fulfill you human nature Different parts of us want different things 1) Start with the idea that human nature may be simple Hedonism is the simplest look at Human nature Our nature is to seek pleasure and avoid pain Motivation for being is to seek pleasure and avoid pain Very rough characterization It seems as though there are many other things that we want aside from just pleasure and pain avoidance According to this theory a good life would be a life full of pleasure with very little pain. To fix the arguments we can modify the view. Our motivation is to find a theory of human nature and that it is a simple theory. To modify it we can say : While people may want other things at the very least we want a lot pleasure and little pain Hedonism explains the other things as a way to get pleasure or to avoid pain. People want different things because different things bring different people pleasure The view is not simply put that people only want to avoid pain and have pleasure but it is simply just everyone wants a means to avoid pain and have pleasure. Pleasure is not something you want as a means to get something else. Wanting to be in this room breaks this view. You want to be here. The Hedonist would say you are here ultimately it will give you pleasure. If someone undergoes a painful medical procedure it will in the end lead to pleasure in the long term or at least an avoidance of more pain later. There are two parts to this view. For the first part we want pleasure and to avoid pain not as a means to get something else. The second part is the questionable part because it states that avoidance of pain and pleasure are the ONLY things we want. Have to have some pain and pleasure… must balance We balance based off of intensity. In this way we rank and justify then in order 2) Hedonism and the Good Life a. Pleasurable Bodily Sensations i. Tend to be better than those of the mind ii. Tend to be more intense iii. Things like taste, touch, smell. All are intense iv. To lead the hedonistic life we could go only for the greatest intensity v. What breaks this is the fact that we are going live for a long period of time. We are not only concerned having pleasure right now but also our whole life. vi. In terms of this we have to be concerned with how the pleasure we have now will affect future pleasures over our lifetime. vii. Problems with very intense pleasures is that they can be followed by very intense pains
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viii. The pleasure is often short but is so intense you want to repeat it. ix. These intense desires in turn can become very painful if not satisfied which in turn is not leading a good, fulfilled life. x.
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Human Natue Class Lecture - Human Nature Study Human Nature...

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