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Business Law II Spring, 2008 Assignment #3 This assignment is due Thursday, April 3 before 10:00 a.m. There will be no extensions unless you face extremely unusual circumstances and your request is approved in advance. Please be sure your name is on the first page of the assignment. You may send your paper to me as an e-mail attachment [ [email protected]] , as long as it arrives in my mailbox before 10:00 a.m. I will email to confirm receipt of your paper. THE PROBLEM : Mary is a physics professor at Emerald City University. She lives in a nice house on Emerald Lake, which is a popular destination in the summer for people who enjoy boating and fishing. The house next door is owned by Dave, the owner/operator of Dave’s Marina. The marina sells motorboats and sailboats as well as services for recreational boaters during the summer [fuel, fishing gear and bait, etc.]. Last year Dave won a Jet Ski® personal water craft at a trade show that he attended but since he doesn’t sell or service PWCs at his marina and has back problems that limit his athletic activities,
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321_assignment__3_08_ProblemSet - Business Law II Spring...

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