homework 3 - Vanessa Barela Enve 302 Homework#3 1 The...

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Vanessa Barela February 21, 2007 Enve 302 Homework #3 1. The requirements for the city of Socorro has these requirements: A) Giardia Lamblia cists must be 99.9% inactive and viruses must be 99.99% must be inactive. In addition, inactivation rates must be achieved daily, so the CT values are also calculated on a per day basis. B) The system needs to include a backup power or automatic shut off water system. Backup power is required to maintain disinfection and have an automatic start up. Shut off is required when there is less that 0.2 mg/L residual disinfectant present. C) The disinfectant residual must not be less than 0.2 mg/L for more than 4 hours and must be detectable. The CT term stands for residual disinfectant concentration for PWS systems that use chlorine gas. The CT value is calculated using, contact time and concentration. These two terms are multiplied together and give the CT value. The coliform and turbidity requirements are as follows: If the city population is above 25,000 the i) concentration must be equal to or less than 20/100 ml of fecal coliform and ii) the turbidity cannot be larger than
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homework 3 - Vanessa Barela Enve 302 Homework#3 1 The...

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