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Vanessa Barela April 9, 2007 Enve 302 Homework #10 1. Wind blow particles are a part of the Hazard Ranking system according to Figure 6-1 from 40 CFR 300.1105 and is scored on the Air Migration Pathway Score-sheet. The particulates are scored and evaluated from the observed release or the potential release factor and dealt with as scored. Table 6-1 is used to score the particle and is displayed below.
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The likelihood of release is evaluated, then if a release is observed it is evaluated and it has to be demonstrated that the release is hazardous, this is demonstrated by either direct observation or chemical analysis. The release has to be significantly above the background concentration. If the observed release is established then a value of 550 is entered in Table 6-1 and section 6.1.3 is followed. If it is not established then 0 is entered and section 6.1.2 is followed. If there is a threat to a nearby population then if there is an eminent threat and the population is within miles and a large amount of people then the area is assigned values from 0.1 to 12,034. Along with this other factors are taken into consideration such as the likelihood of exposure, waste characteristics, and targets for the specific population threat. Five factors are considered for the threat to residential areas which include resident individuals, resident population, workers, resources, and terrestrial sensitive environments. 2.
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homework 10 - Vanessa Barela April 9, 2007 Enve 302...

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