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homework 13 - Vanessa Barela Enve 302 Homework#13 1 The...

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Vanessa Barela Enve 302 April 25, 2007 Homework #13 1. The annual arithmetic mean concentration is determined by averaging the four quarterly concentrations for each year and then averaging the annual arithmetic mean concentrations for the past three calendar years. The following equation is used for the calculation of the mean for a calendar year - = 4 1 ) 4 / 1 ( q q x x x Where X=the annual mean q x =the mean for calendar quarter q Both the quarterly mean and average of quarterly means must be rounded to the nearest tenth (fractional values of 0.05 should be rounded up). The average of the 3 years, expressed in µg/m3, shall be rounded to the nearest integer for comparison with the annual standard (fraction values of 0.5 should be rounded up). As per 40 CFR 50 appendix L for PM 2.5 the following must be met. The ambient air is to be drawn form an electrically powered air sampler at a constant volumetric flow rate into an inlet and through an inertial particle size separator where the particles of PM 2.5 are
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