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American political thought – people’s ideas of those involved within politics, as opposed to those who are involved with the literature and analysis of politics. We can confront those texts without someone else having already commented on them. American Political Thought. Chronological Themes: 1. America’s love affair with liberal individualism, self reliance. Relying on himself. Individual’s ability to determine their own fate, principal idea of determining own success. THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD. 2. America’s problematic attitudes to government. America’s dislike of government. Anti-governmental, anti-status.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The persistent American ambilivance towards human rights for the people actually living here. While professing to be land of free, over 80 percent of history its laws have declared most of population ineligible for full rights of American citizen. Race, nationality, gender. 4. American Exceptionalism. How unique is the American political experience? How unique and exceptional is our political thought? In what ways are we similar to other political regimes and different. Paradox of American government claiming to be different (and not necessarily better). Looking at English (Lockean, puritan) roots....
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