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1. 2. Farmers will agree to this plan because it makes sense and they are virtually not giving anything up. Farmers earn money from no-till farming in a deal to reduce carbon emissions. No-tilling is in fact better for the environment because it slows carbon emissions; it improves the quality of the soil by the decomposing vegetation and actually increases farmer’s net earnings/acre. As a farmer I would agree to this idea because it is not only environmentally friendly but for me most importantly it is more economically promising. In order for me to agree to this plan I must be paid some percentage up front so I can make the change effectively. With enough money to change my equipment to no- till or moderate till and the promising economic benefits, I will have not problem agreeing with this plan. 3. There are many components factoring into the plan of changing to no-till farming with benefits and some drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks is simply the idea of change. Some of these farmers have been practicing the same methods of farming for generations, so
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