bee ass 7_Notes - I need: Food: Money: I use/do...

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I need: I use/do thefollowing to meet need Food: I use my own and my parents' income to purchase food in stores and on campus. Money: Work and when necessary ask parents Shelter: I rent a room in a house with heating Clothing: For protection from the elements and to be allowed to go about in public, I buy clothes from nearby stores Security: I lock my belongings in my room and use passwords for internet accounts Good Health: Eat well and exercise Adequate grades: Study Energy: I go to sleep for as long as possible each night Friendship, support: Interact with other people daily To feel important/valuable: Put effort into school, sports For a seventeenth century german nobleman Food: Ask a servant for food Money: Collect taxes from peasants and vassals Shelter: Live in an estate, possibly owned previously by my family Clothing: Pay local workers to produce clothes or import clothes Security: Enlist soldiers to form a guard or army. Friendship, support: Interact with family and other nobles. Social Status: Regularly attend church and observe the traditions and standards appropriate for a man of my class I chose a nobleman living in Germany in the seventeenth century. He and I share some commonalities and differences. We both have physiological and safety related needs, however these needs are easy for us to satisfy and are largely taken for granted because others provide us with food and safety. He may live in a house provided for him by his lineage, while I also live in
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bee ass 7_Notes - I need: Food: Money: I use/do...

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