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Do you think the boundaries were appropriate? Too wide? Too narrow? Why? 1. Overall, I believe that Hockings set of boundaries were appropriate. He considered all of the many factors for a thorough analysis of the energy lifestyle of making different types of cups. It is widely assumes that reusable cups are more energy efficient and eco friendly compared to single use products, but Hocking’s explains this in a different way. He compares all of the energy it takes to produce each idem, single use cups and reusable cups, but also touches on the total amount of energy it takes to reuse and wash these types of products. Including all sides of energy consumption for this particular product he was about to give much more accurate information about the pricing, usage and recycling of these cups. Are there other factors or issues that you think should have been considered in Hocking’s decision-making (conclusion-reaching) process? If so, what are they? 2. I think that one important consideration that Hocking forgot to mention is the cost of waste
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