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THIS EXAM CONSISTS OF 5 PAGES. PLEASE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE LOOKED AT THE COMPLETE FILE. Department of Biological & Environmental Engineering (BEE) BEE 299 – Sustainable Development – A Web-based Course FINAL EXAM MAY 18, 2007 2:00PM – 4:30 PM NAME : _ _________________________ This exam is open book, open notes. The only limitation is that you NOT work with another individual. Also,you cannot cut and paste answers from Internet sources (all answers must be in your own words !) Please submit your completed exam answers to me at my regular email: [email protected] . You MUST submit your exam by 4:30 PM (EDT ), May 18, 2007. We will deal with catastrophes if they occur!!! You should call me at 607-255-4473 in the event a serious problem occurs. Section 1 ___/08… Approx. 15 minutes Section 2___ /20… Approx. 25 minutes Section 3___ /30… Approx. 40 minutes Section 4___/ 42… Approx. 60 minutes TOTAL_____/100 Section 1: Answer the following question. (8 points) 1. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. You have been exposed to many definitions and interpretations of sustainable development during the semester in the many readings and interactions you have had. It is a concept that can be interpreted in various ways. Please “define” (describe) sustainable development in your own words. It would be the one consistent definition you could give your friends and colleagues that would express and convey your personal understanding of SD. (limit your answer to 50 words max!) Then describe at least three ways in which your understanding of sustainable development has evolved or developed over course of the semester. 1 1
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My definition of sustainable development is that it is the most important aspect and responsibility humans have towards the environment and bettering this world for the future. Sustainable development is necessarily to understand the needs that are occurring in the present, focus on them, and find ways to improve the situations for the future. One example of how my understanding of sustainable development has evolved over the course of this semester is when we actually had to calculate the amount of energy we use in an everyday basis. Before that assignment I had never thought about the energy that is needed when I eat, bathe, do my homework, watch television, etc. Then finding out the exact amount of energy I use was interesting to see and comparing that to others I can understand why our country is having the issues it is right now because there are many individuals just like me who have no clue how much energy they consume on a daily basis. Secondly, when we did the assignment on a consumer’s choice of two products, like soda or orange juice and seeing the amount of energy and time goes into the entire life cycle of such products. That was another interesting experience I had to truly evaluate a simple choice to think all the way back to pre-manufacturing, to retailing, and then consuming, was something I had never done before. Lastly, I would say the most significant thing I have learned this semester would be with the mid-term assignment and global warming.
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