Lesson 8, Part 4_Solutoins

Lesson 8, Part 4_Solutoins - like CO2 rising global...

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Global warming is a very controversial issue that has recently become one of the most talked about and argued issues in years. Environmentalist and activists have begun to promote it idea of sustainable change and global awareness is growing. In my opinion, taking care of the world we live in is extremely important. On a daily basis, I would like to believe that I do my part taking care of the world I live and do by best promoting this philosophy to my friends. The topic of Global Warming is one issue I have a hard time getting a grasp on. Recently, I have been doing a lot of independent research on this topic and do find it extremely serious but have had a hard time concluding what the solution is? With so much talk over the effects of greenhouse gas emissions
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Unformatted text preview: like CO2 rising global temperatures, what can I actually do to actually make a difference. While I believe in Global Warming and sincerely want to do my part to promote change, I think that in order to see some serious changes more research and techniques need to be implemented into the system. After doing this lesson and reading article on no-till soil and closed water treatment facilities in pig farms are solutions I would like to see more of. Greenhouse gas emissions are cause by many different things and there are many different ways we can treat it. Global awareness is growing on this issue, but there is still so much more we can due. We need to work together and save the world we live in....
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