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Lesson 9 part 1_Solutions

Lesson 9 part 1_Solutions - at all but I have faith in the...

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Both the pessimist and optimist views both admit to the fact that eventually growth will have to come to an end. Optimist view technology as constantly changing and evolving and over time will overcome the limits in the production of food and energy. Pessimist view the rate of consumption is completely out of control and with vital resources already diminishing throughout the world, there will be a dreadfully scarce supply as the rate of growth continues to rise. While I agree with the pessimist model in the sense that as industrialization and the world population continues to increase, vital resources will begin to diminish in order to meet these demands, but I have an almost optimistic faith in the capabilities and instinct in the human race. Human as a race have always found ways to survive and solutions during critical times. Through science, engineering and the growing capabilities of the human brain we will find ways to survive and get the necessary recourses in life. I am not trying to say that we should ignore certain global concerns, not
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Unformatted text preview: at all, but I have faith in the fact that human will realize that we need to find renewable resources and change our ways to preserve what we have. This realization has begun in the growing interest in a renewable energy source, sustainable development, organic products and methods and the reduction of pollution and waste. The growing awareness will encourage and spark change enabling our survival on this planet. While lifestyles might change we will always find a way to survive. Wow she finally responded haha I know you’re a busy girl but its weird we never cross paths anymore. I am jealous, you have been going to so many warm places recently and I agree I need to get a group and head back down to Brazil. Hopefully before 2014 when you better be there for the world cup! Anyways how have you been? Have you heard from all the med schools yet? We should catch up over a drink or coffee sometime soon....
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