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Lesson 9, part 2_Solutions

Lesson 9, part 2_Solutions - Lesson 9 Part 2 The...

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Lesson 9, Part 2 The description of my project and the answers to the following questions are answered in the statement below: Currently pork is the most consumed meat in the world and there is a continual growth of pig farms around the world. With a high demand of pork, the market creates more and more opportunities for up and coming pig farms, but these farms need to be properly placed and designed. In regards to sustainability and the health of our environment there are many things that need to be taken into account taking on a project like constructing a new pig farm. There are many ways that the practices and methods of managing a pig farm could harm our environment and ecosystems in the surrounding areas. On the other hand there are ways in which the disposal of waste from pig farms can actually be sustainability sound and benefit the environment. In the beginning, the design and location of the project is critical. Obviously the
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