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Vanessa Barela February 20, 2007 Enve 302 Homework #4 1. MCL violations that may pose acute risk to health are the following: A) Any violations specified by the State as posing an acute risk to human health. B) A violation of the MCL for nitrate or nitrite as defined in 141.62 and determined according to 141.23(i)(3). C) A violation of the MCL for total coliforms, when fecal coliforms or E. coli are present in a water distribution system, as specified in 141.63(b). D) Occurrence of a waterborne disease outbreak as defined in 141.2, in an unfiltered system subject to the requirements in subpart H of this part, after December 30, 1991 as per Section 141.71(b)(4). The public notification requirements for Tier I violations are: The public water system must provide the public notice within 24 hours of learning of this violation. They must consult with the primary agency within 24 hours to determine what additional public notice requirements there are. As a result of the consultation, the water system must comply to the additional public notice requirements including the time, form, manner, frequency, and content of repeat notices. The form and manner used by the public water system are to fit the specific situation, but they must be designed to reach residential, transient, and non transient users of the water system. The have to serve all persons served, so water systems are to use, at minimum, one or more of the following methods of delivery: *Appropriate broadcast media, including radio and television, *Posting of the notice in conspicuous location throughout the area served by the water system, *Hand delivery of the notice to the persons served by the water system, *And another delivery method approved in writing by the primacy agency. Where appropriate the notice needs to be multilingual as indicated in subpart 141.32. There would be no public notification requirement relative to the disinfection based on this monitored level. The disinfectant residual of 3.2 mg/L does not exceed the Maximum Residual Disinfectant Level (MRDL) for chlorine, which is 4.0 mg/L according to subpart 141.65.
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2. The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) as outlined in 40 CFR 141 Subpart O is required to include Nitrate-nitrogen levels that are measured above the MCL. The MCL requirements, add well as the MCLG are to be included within the report as
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homework 4 - Vanessa Barela February 20, 2007 Enve 302...

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