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HIST 314 - Paper_Outline - -The X Article took the...

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What should we do about Diem? Date: 1955 or 1956– Before or after the Battle for Saigon? o Before Battle for Saigon o After Battle but before national elections and after publishing of book Ambassador in South Vietnam It is a mistake to destroy the Franco-American alliance in Vietnam by supporting Diem (Jacobs 79-80) Diem was not interested in Democracy (Jacobs 74) o Current politicians would not serve under Diem anyway o Created disunity in S Vietnam Address Mansfield’s opinion 63 Quat was a capable successor (Jacobs 68) Diem did not have the personality of a successful leader (Jacobs 17, 66) Address Dooley’s Deliver Us from Evil (Jacobs 46-51) Diem was not a leader who the US could effectively control (Jacobs 43) NSC-68 (Jacobs 16) -Can I go so far as to question whether we should be involved in S Vietnam at all? -Kennan’s Long Telegram -the message was not to get so involved in every country that faced a communist threat
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Unformatted text preview: -The X Article took the information presented in the two prior reports and constructed a road map for the Cold War. The article proved to be the public face of American foreign policy in the Cold War – even though Kennan himself has noted that he felt that he was misunderstood – in the statement that the “United States policy toward the Soviet Union must be that of a long-term, patient but firm and vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies.” [5] [4] This policy was misinterpreted to mean that the US would contain the Soviet Union globally. Much of the meaning that was interpreted from the article, even within the government, was not the true meaning that Kennan intended. He admitted that there were serious deficiencies in the article and he was afflicted with ulcers over the response that the article received. [6]-Domino Theory...
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HIST 314 - Paper_Outline - -The X Article took the...

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