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Hist 314 Essay Question 5_Solutions

Hist 314 Essay Question 5_Solutions - 5 US-Soviet tensions...

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5. US-Soviet tensions erupted in World War II and afterward because of conflicts over the future of Europe and the immediately contiguous areas of Southwest Asia—places where Soviet political and territorial ambitions were relatively easy to see. By 1950, however, the Cold War had achieved a global scope. Why did this globalization of the conflict occur, in your judgment? Postwar situation -power vacuum- Europe and Asia are devastated -US and Soviet Union are the only remaining powers -showdown is inevitable Shift in US thinking -retreat from world affairs is not possible -“free security” is over- Europe can’t stand on it’s own any more=> US must take up the position of world power -shift embodied in the first US peacetime alliance- NATO Perceptions -US sees Soviets as bent on world domination *Soviet moves to clamp down on E. Europe *will use atomic monopoly and economic power to push them back -Soviets see capitalist conspiracy to encircle and destroy them
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