Midterm Question # 1-Foreign Relations_Solutions

Midterm Question # 1-Foreign Relations_Solutions - Describe...

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Describe Woodrow Wilson’s policy toward the belligerents in the period between the outbreak of war in 1914 and U.S. entry in 1917. Be sure to: discuss how “neutral” U.S. policy was; trace the development of American policy in the period; provide specific information to illustrate your arguments, including, where appropriate, information from the documents in the Merrill/Paterson book. Woodrow Wilson’s policy toward belligerents from 1914-1917 When war broke out in 1914 Wilson declared neutrality o Asked Americans to be neutral “in thought as well as in deed” o Wanted US to continue trade with ALL belligerents This declaration caused rift with Wilson’s Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan Wanted Americans to stay clear of war zone, even for travel Allied blockade of German ports o Wilson says that US recognizes GB rights to stop and search neutral ships (like Americans) to look for ammunition and other contraband on their war to the Central Powers Plays to Allied Powers advantage Feb 1915: Germans response with submarine campaign aimed at Allied and Neutral ships o any neutral vessels in forbidden area could be taken out without warning o Wilson Since no body of law existed on how to respond to this new development, Wilson told Germans that US would hold them to “strict accountability” if they violate their neutral rights Establishes STRICT NEUTRALITY o Germans we will call off subs if GB stops trying to starve the Central Powers o Neither GB nor US accepted this deal
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Midterm Question # 1-Foreign Relations_Solutions - Describe...

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