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luther paper - Martin Luther Creator of a New Religion...

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Martin Luther: Creator of a New Religion English 122 Section 02 Ms. Stewart- Langley Audience: Classmates Purpose: To persuade April 4, 2005 Martin Luther:
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Creator of a New Religion There are hundreds of religions and belief systems in modern society, most of which are based on Christianity or Hinduism. Within Christianity there are many branches, two of the first are Catholic and Lutheran. There is much controversy within Christianity between the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church, which are both based on the same Bible. Many Christian religions can trace their foundation back to Luther, the Reformation, or the Catholic Church. Luther was a Catholic monk who disagreed with the church on many pillars, but mainly the Pope, his powers, and indulgences. Martin Luther was born in Germany in 1483 to Hans and Margaretta Luther. Luther was raised in a very strict home where, “My parents constrained me very strictly, to the point of cowardliness. My Mother punished me so much over a single nut that the blood flowed. And with such strict discipline they finally drove me to the monastery, even though they earnestly meant it for my good” (Luther qtd. in Siggins 12). His parents were merely following the words of the Bible from Proverbs 19:18 which states, “Chastise your child while there is hope, but do not drive his soul to death.” Luther entered the Augustinian monastery after a violent thunderstorm and became a monk. Luther led a holy life at the monastery but felt that he could not keep God’s commandments perfectly (Maier 3). Luther was ordained in 1507 at Erfurt Cathedral (Gretzschel 26). After sometime he was sent to Wittenberg to become a professor (May). Luther was the head of the local church and read the Bible often. He was sent on a trip to Rome in hopes that it would inspire him; however, he saw that the church was very sinful. He noticed that “priests [would] reel off their masses so they could visit the Roman prostitutes’ quarter as soon as possible” (Gretzchel 27). One evening, he wrote his 95 Theses about indulgences, purgatory, and other issues within the church such as the Pope’s power and the role of the common people in the church. Purgatory is a waiting place for souls that are not baptized or for souls that are in a state of small sin. Indulgences at Luther’s time were bought to pay a person’s way into heaven; much of the church had been corrupted at the time and used them to make money. Luther then posted his theses on the Castle Church in Wittenberg for debate among the faculty (Maier 4). During Luther’s times, there were no copyright laws, so people printed whatever they pleased. A printer may have stumbled on Luther’s posting and translated them from Latin to German (May). After it was printed, Luther’s 95 Thesis was talked about among people of the church, and many of them agreed with him. In Luther’s
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luther paper - Martin Luther Creator of a New Religion...

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