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Memorandum To: Dr. Walsh From: Vanessa Barela, Student Date: April 17, 2006 Subject: Ethics and graphics Graphics are often used to make a point. For this assignment, I went to the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) website to look at photos. I decided to click the cows’ link, which lead me to . I then found two pictures that I found questionable. The first is of a group of cows. The caption says, “Indian Cows,” with nothing else. It shows many skinny cows and leads to the assumption that they are abused. The reality is that cows are sacred in this country and many Indian people would not dream of harming a cow. This graphic is an example of questionable ethics, especially since most Indians do not eat cow. PETA often tries to make a point of turning people into vegetarians, but by using a graphic of a society that already respects cows, it diminishes their credibility. The second graphic is a close up of a cows face. The caption reads, “Cow weeping from
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Unformatted text preview: pepper rubbed in the eyes.” This caption is almost ridiculous. The viewer has almost no way of knowing if the cow really was “weeping.” In addition, many light colored animals have discoloration around the eyes. It is a natural occurrence, so the discoloration that someone sees might not be related to abuse. PETA also chose a word to spark emotion, “weeping.” They chose that word to make the cow more human and so a person would feel empathetic towards the cow. The hardest part about these pictures is the credibility. They do not show where they were taken, when, or why. No location is given for most of these photos. PETA also likes to use celebrities to prove a point, such as Pamela Anderson. These graphics emulate what questionable ethics are in every way. Hopefully not too many people fall for these things without researching them first....
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