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NBA 671 Fall 2007 CLASS QUESTIONS (11) November 20 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: NORMS - Polgreen and Simons, “Global Sludge Ends in Tragedy for Ivory Coast” - Wright, “Altria Seeks Indonesian Smokers” - Donaldson, “Values in Tension” - Paine, et. al., “Up to Code” 1. What is ethically problematic about (i) the view that, when operating in developing nations with less stringent laws and regulations than those of their home countries, multinational companies should conform to the latter and (ii) the view that MNCs are bound only to follow the legal norms and customs of their host countries? 2. What reasons are their for believing that there are “core human values, which determine the absolute moral threshold for all business activities” (Donaldson, p. 6)? 3. According to Donaldson, companies are ethically required not only to respect core human values but also to respect local traditions and recognize that context matters when deciding what is right and what is wrong (p. 6). On what these principles based? (Why should MNCs be guided by them?)
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