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NBA 671 Business Ethics Fall 2007 FINAL PROJECT Date due: Thursday, December 6, in Sage 304 (the Faculty Support office), by 1:00 pm. Length: 7-8 pages, double-spaced, normal margins. Topic: Select a problematic (or even controversial) choice situation , in which a business decision-maker (a company, a management team, or a single executive) faces a decision that entails making a moral choice. Assume that the decision-maker wants to make a choice that is both a good business decision and ethically justified. This assignment, then, calls for you to provide an analysis of the choice situation and to recommend a course of action that is economically and ethically sound. Consequently, in your paper, you are asked to use the 5 Ps framework (also in the “Assignments” folder on Blackboard) to guide your analysis of the decision problem. (In addressing the PRINCIPLES question, “What do we owe the respective stakeholders?”, you may find it useful to draw on the “Applying Ethical Theories” section in the October 23 Class
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Unformatted text preview: Questions handout.) In the Wall Street Journal , the New York Times , the Washington Post , Fortune , and Business Week , in addition to countless (other) online periodicals, there have been many recent articles that could be adapted to the needs of this paper. (Very often, the front pages of the various sections of the Wall Street Journal include stories that concern ethical issues confronting—or that have confronted—business decision-makers.) Another possibility is, if you have been in business, to use a case from your own experience. Note: For purposes of this analysis, it doesn’t matter what actually happened in the case (if you’re using an actual case). My interest is in the reasoning process leading to a decision, so consider only facts that would have been available to the decision-maker(s) at the time of the decision. If you have any questions about this assignment at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact me about them....
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