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NBA 671 Fall 2007 PAPER 1 Date due: Tuesday, November 6, at class time. Length: Approximately 3 pages, double-spaced, normal margins Topic: After selecting either reading 55 (on Genentech) or reading 56 (on Abbott) in the course reader, identify a controversial decision made by the company, as described in the article. Then, in your paper, please do the following: 1. Discuss how proponents of several different ethical theories might evaluate the decision in question (judging whether or not it was an ethically sound choice, from their respective points of view). To do this, I recommend that you address some of the questions listed under “Applying Ethical Theories” on pp. 3-4 of the Class Questions handout for October 23 (on Blackboard, in the “Course Documents” folder). You need not try to address all of the questions listed; rather, choose the ones that seem most helpful for illuminating the ethical aspects of the company’s decision—questions that it would have been good for the
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Unformatted text preview: decision-makers to have asked in their process of deciding what to do in the circumstances. In responding to these questions, provide the reasons (act-utilitarian, Kantian, etc.) you think would be put forward in support of the proposed answers. 2. Briefly offer your own ethical evaluation of the decision and the reasons on which you base your judgment. Note: In grading these papers, I consider a number of points, including: • Does the paper have a clear, logical structure? (Is it well-organized?) • Are the ideas, arguments, and facts clearly stated? • Does the discussion display (in sufficient detail) a firm grasp of the relevant concepts? • How well do the examples illustrate assertions or observations made in the paper? • In general, does the paper provide a thoughtful, well-informed analysis of the type prescribed for the assignment?...
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