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NBA 671 Fall 2007 CLASS QUESTIONS (5) October 30 TRUST, DECEPTION, AND INFORMED CONSENT Burros, “Which Cut Is Older? (It’s a Trick Question)” 1. What are the strongest reasons that can be given in defense of the practice of using “modified atmosphere packaging” of meats? (What ethical principles do these reasons invoke?) 2. What are the strongest objections? (Relevant ethical principles?) 3. Is the practice ethically justified? Why or why not? Terhune, “Side Effect—Insurer’s Tactic: If You Get Sick, The Premium Rises” 4. In individual health insurance, what is reunderwriting? Who benefits from this business practice? Who’s harmed by it? 5. What reasons can be given in defense of reunderwriting? What are the chief objections to reunderwriting as a company policy? 6. Is reunderwriting, as used by AMS, an ethically sound practice? Why or why not? Mathews, “Ghost Story: At Medical Journals, Writers Paid by Industry Play Big Role” 7. Which aspects of the use of professional writers to compose these articles seems most
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Unformatted text preview: problematic ethically? Why? 8. Pharmaceutical companies maintain that they are doing nothing wrong in commissioning articles for academic journals relating to drugs they produce. What arguments do they offer in supporting this controversial practice? How strong are these arguments? 9. “Editors ‘say they want disclosure, but if you do it, they scream, “ghostwriter!”’says Art Gertel, who oversees medical writing at Beardworth Consulting Group in Flemington, N. J. ‘Despite the cries for transparency, the journal editors still feel that there’s an element of corruption if a medical writer is paid by a drug company.’” (p. 3) Is Mr. Gertel’s complaint valid? 10. Note the Eprex case on p. 4. “Dr. Dodgson . . . says she didn’t like the Eprex assignment ‘but I had to earn a living.’” What principle does Dr. Dodgson seem to be using here to justify her actions? Is this a sound ethical principle?...
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