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Unformatted text preview: NBA 671 Fall 2007 CLASS QUESTIONS (6) November 1 OBLIBATIONS AND CONFLICTS OF INTEREST Bandler, “Advice for Sale” 1. This article describes certain controversial activities of “consumer experts.” What exactly are they doing that’s controversial? What arguments do the profiled individuals offer in defense of their practices? 2. Critics charge that these individuals are involved in conflicts of interest? Do you agree? How would (or do) they respond to the charge? (Background questions: What is ethically problematic about a conflict of interest? Are all conflicts of interest unethical?) 3. “The use of TV consumer experts is the latest way marketers have tried to disguise their promotions as real news, often with the aid of media outlets.” (p. 2) Is it ethical for marketers to do this? Why or why not? Armstrong, “Baby Talk” 4. What ethical issues are raised by actions described in this article? Do the doctors who, paid by Glaxo, give CME lectures advocating universal herpes testing for pregnant women violate any of...
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