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NBA 671 Fall 2007 CLASS QUESTIONS (7) November 6 INVESTORS McLean, “Why Enron Went Bust Morgenson, “How 287 Turned Into 7: Lessons in Fuzzy Math” 1. In what ways did Enron deceive investors regarding its profitability and its risk profile? Do others beside Enron bear responsibility for the deception? 2. What factors—including ones relating to its leadership, its business model, and its corporate culture—drove Enron’s top executives to misrepresent its financial health? (Although it’s not discussed in the articles, what role did the prevailing trend toward deregulation play in the Enron debacle?) Cummins and Barrionuevo, “Former Shell Officials Clashed As They Hid Reserve Problems” 3. Why didn’t Shell report that it had overstated its oil and gas reserves when the problem was first raised by Mr. van de Vijver, the chief of exploration and production? What were his concerns— and why were they not addressed? 4.
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