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NBA 671 Fall 2007 CLASS QUESTIONS (8) November 8 CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS Grow, “A License to Cherry-Pick” 1. What exactly is the practice by insurers described in this article? Given that some customers are hurt by the practice, what justification do the insurers offer in defending it? 2. Since the practice is (apparently) legal, do the insurers have any non-legal (i.e., ethical) obligations to these customers that the practice violates? Adamy, “Getting the Kids Hooked on Starbucks” 3. As it seeks to become increasingly family-friendly, what dilemma does Starbucks face? 4. In light of both the company’s well-publicized values and its business objectives, what should Starbucks do to resolve the dilemma? Jordan, “Nestle Markets Baby Formula To Hispanic Mothers In U.S.” 5. What is Nestle doing that is stirring controversy here? 6. Is Nestle acting responsibly in pursuing the marketing strategy related in the article?
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Unformatted text preview: Why or why not? (If you have a problem with Nestles strategy, could it be modified to meet your objection?) Weil, Disputed Discounts 7. How did PwC management defend (i) the practice of keeping rebates connected with travel expenses billed to clients at market rates and (ii) the decision not to give past rebates to clients when the practice was stopped? How do you respond to these arguments? 8. If you feel that PwC acted improperly, just what was improper about its conduct? Davenport and Harris, The Dark Side of Customer Analytics 9. What are the primary ethical concerns raised by the proposed deal between ShopSense and IFA? 10. Clearly, the deal holds significant potential benefits for both companies. Is there a way the deal could be structured so as to address those ethical concerns?...
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