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NBA 671 Fall 2007 CLASS QUESTIONS (9) November 13 EMPLOYEES Compa and Fellner, “Meatpacking’s Human Toll” 1. Do you agree with the authors that meatpacking companies are violating the rights of their workers (assuming the facts in the case are as reported)? If so, just what rights are being violated? (What sort of rights are they?) 2. Whose problem is this? Should act to protect the workers? Conlin, “Get Healthy—Or Else” Dotinga, “Can Boss Insist on Healthy Habits” 3. Was Scott Rodrigues treated unfairly when he was fired by Scotts Miracle Gro? 4. What is motivating the push for employee wellness by Scotts and other companies? What are the risks connected with wellness programs? What is your assessment of Scotts’ “carrot and stick” approach to wellness? (Is it appropriate? Or does it go too far?)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How do you respond to the “slippery slope” argument offered by Rodrigues’s lawyer? 6. When is it unethical to fire employees for lifestyle choices? How far are employers entitled to intrude into employees’ private lives? Terhune, “Second Opinion” 7. Who benefits from HRA reimbursement plans? How? Who’s harmed? How? 8. Are HRA plans fair? How might they be modified to minimize negative impacts on employees? Coutu, “We Googled You” 9. What reasons favor Fred’s hiring Mimi for the Shanghai job? What reasons are there for his not hiring her? What should he do? 10. In general, what policy should employers follow regarding the use of online information in evaluating job candidates? Why? (What’s ethical? What’s unethical?)...
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