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NBA 671 Fall 2007 CLASS QUESTIONS (10) November 15 WHISTLE BLOWING Pulliam and Solomon, “Uncooking the Books” 1. What was the corporate wrongdoing uncovered by Cynthia Cooper and her team at WorldCom? Who was involved? Why did it occur? 2. Cooper’s investigation went beyond her domain of responsibility. She also defied an order by her direct supervisor, CFO Scott Sullivan. What grounds did she have for these actions? Given the facts available to her at the time, was she justified in pursuing her inquiry into WorldCom’s financial accounting? (If she was justified, did she have an obligation to pursue her investigation?) 3. Was Cynthia Cooper a whistle blower? (Note that TIME chose her as one of three women named “Persons of the Year” for 2002, which the magazine dubbed “the year of the whistle blower.”) 4. Based on your reading of her story, what motivated Cooper to take the actions she did, despite the potential costs to WorldCom and its employees, including herself? Sapsford and Beckett, “Informer’s Odyssey”
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