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Unformatted text preview: 16/02/2009 14:47:00 ← Slavery and Abolotionism ← I. Slavery and the American Revolution ← II. Slavery and the Constitution ← III. Slavery and Women’s Rights ← IV. Abolitionism ← V. William Lloyed Garrison and Non-Violence ← VI. Violence (?) David Walker ← • Samuel Johnson ridiculed the hypocrisy of America in 1775 “how is it that we hear the loudest yelps of liberty from the drivers of negroes?” o How can the Americans be demanding liberty when they are the slave owners? o Paradox between Lockean rights and freedom and institution of slavery o Slavery seems to repudiate entire Lockean worldview which informed American revolutionaries • Some Americans realized this contradiction o Jefferson: original draft of declaration of Independence he condemned. o Opposition by planters and merchants. o Existence and assumed moral legitimacy of slavery (blacks not human beings endowed with dignity and human independence) that they were property, this assumptions helped give white leaders their Lockean arguments and passion to fight British Existence of institution in colonies gave revolutionaries example of unfreedom and servitude they feared from Britain. 1763-1775 fear of enslavement, make them no longer superior to blacks, but just like them! Wammmmyyy! This fear may have led them to their revolutionary use of Locke against British. Outburst of revolution against Britain was partly based on belief that blacks were the only ones who deserved this servile status. Proof of claim comes from numerous times that writers claimed that English sought to enslave American colonists. Colonists worldview: self evidently observed, only blacks should be enslaved. Hamilton “Absolute sovereignty of Parliament implies absolute slaver of America” Dickinson “British treat Americans as if we are unpolished inferior animals” Washington “the crisis has arrived and we must assert our rights until costume and youth should make us tame and abject slaves as the blacks what we rule over with such arbitrary actions.” Gallaway “If justice is once rested from your hands neither money in your pockets or clothes on your back can remain safe you can come slaves indeed with no respect from Africans whose persons and properties are at disposable to tyrannical masses” • Perverse argument that Lockean liberalism and Slavery not paradoxical (even though they are) but that colonists saw slavery as way to revolutionary...
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gov lecture 10-21_Notes - 16/02/2009 14:47:00 ← Slavery...

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