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Unformatted text preview: 16/02/2009 14:46:00 ← Progressivism II – Concluded ←- Science, pragmatism ad Civil Republicanism • Science o Experts would manage politics with a scientific manner pg. 1049 o Take political control away from business, bosses and machines, but do not want participatory democracy based on people’s opinion, but take power from business and city bosses and give it to spets, experts who study society, and disinterestedly would manage society. o Would come from educated middle class o More civic minded workers, civil servants o Wanted to produced professional civil service, on English ideal o Effort of city governments to turn powers from mayor to city managers. o Disinterested social scientist had no bias o Direct repudiation of social Darwinist assumption that society operates on its own, following no plan no policy no management, no human gov’t intervention. • Pragmatism o School of pragmatism that emerges at turn of century o Insists as philosophy that one look to the facts, reality of the empirical world o Social Darwinism stood for determinism and environmental control of man o Pragmatism stood for freedom and control of environment, and manipulate and control social order o People are not hopeless before some natural set of laws and processes o No such things as natural laws, transcendent higher truths o There is only the real factual results, the consequences, effects of action o Philosophy must kick out, get rid of fruitless problems seeking the nature of ultimate reality o Problems that matter in daily experience, thinking only begins when you face a problem o Experience is sole source of thought and truth o Disposed to experimentation and change, and therefore political reform...
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gov lecture 11_20_Notes - 16/02/2009 14:46:00 ←...

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