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Memorandum To: Dr. Walsh From: Vanessa Barela TC 151 Student Date: February 19, 2006 Subject: Fonts The assignment was to find a font that either fits my personality or is a good fit for the information. I chose to find a font that fits my personality. This is Papyrus.  I chose this font because I enjoy using it for letter writing or cards. It is a fancier font, but it is still relatively simple to read. The kerning is further apart that in the typical font such as Times New Roman. There is no serif in the font, which
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Unformatted text preview: makes it appear thinner. The style of the font is plain but can be varied easily using bold, italic, or underline. The 12-point font appears much larger than the Times New Roman font. It is a Sans serif font that can be used for decorating a letter very easily. This font can be relatively difficult in reading on the computer screen, but when it is printed, the font is much easier to view. For these reasons, keep the following in mind when you use print on screens and paper:...
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