Gov section 11_Notes - In order to argue that govt, state...

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16/02/2009 14:45:00 Gov section 11/4/08 How is social Darwinism similar to Lockean Liberalism and how is it different? - Both assert individuality - In a system of social Darwinism and in Lockean Liberalism, the government  plays a small role.  - Sumner pg. 715 “We were not born to natural rights.”  Pg. 709 “ It is not at all the role of the state to make people happy” Pg. 709 “Society and the state owes nothing to the individual.” Locke on social contracts: One of the most important things. Gov’t by consent, no  unjust absolutism.  Social Darwinists: pg. 707, 713 these pages Sumner discusses and disapproves  any kind of reform policy for state to give aid. Uses social contract theory that modern  society is that acceptance that there will be no such welfare between gov’t and society. 
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Unformatted text preview: In order to argue that govt, state should not intervene because it is anti-democratic, it is against ideals of contract. If state intervenes, we are dependent. If there is redistribution of wealth, it will make us dependent of someone else. - Incompatibility between liberty and pursuit of happiness vs. equality. Carnegie: Recognizes inequality, and sees it not worth discussing. Through industry can better ones condition. Justifies his accumulation of wealth by providing others. Pg. 732: While the laws may be bad for the individual, they are good for society. 16/02/2009 14:45:00 16/02/2009 14:45:00...
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Gov section 11_Notes - In order to argue that govt, state...

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