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GOVT 3665 8/28/08 I. Introduction II. Course organization 20% + 20%: Two take home Prelims 40%: Final Exam: Friday 19th afternoon (Last Final of the Semester) syllabus: guide for reading + lecture topics 3 books: Anthology (Primary Source) American Political Tradition The Godless Constitution III. Themes of Course = America's love affair with liberal individualism (self reliance, ability to determine own fate, responsibility for own success) - Little engine that could: " I think I can" = America's dislike of government
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Unformatted text preview: -anti-statist, anti-governmental = Persistent american ambivalence about human rights of those living here-(less than full human rights for reasons of race gender class etc. ..) = American Exceptionalism: ( How Unique is the american political experience?)-look at Lockien+Puritan roots-self-conscious creation/no evolution = American Egalitarianism = Anti-Intelectualism = Federalism-Why no som/fascism? IV. Who we/you are...
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