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Evaluation of - document individually and then as a group We each made a point on our choices and as a group decided what was best Our paper came

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Vanessa Barela Evaluation Report I found this editing project to be very useful. At first I did not like it much because of the instructions, but after we were allowed to make corrections for more than just spelling it was much better. My group was thrown together in a “last” minute situation. Nathan and I worked together before becoming a group of three to edit the project. Once Heather came into the group, most of our corrections were the same. Heather had a very strong point in the group, which was that she understood how to make the style sheet. Nathan and I had trouble creating one and were not sure about the format. We all edited the
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Unformatted text preview: document individually and then as a group. We each made a point on our choices and as a group decided what was best. Our paper came out relatively well and the few things we were not sure how to correct we queried the author. We worked well as a team and finished the project once together in a short period. The hardest part was finding a time where all of us could meet and forming a new group. The project allowed for our group to learn more about how documents can be edited in a group and effective divisions of work....
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