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Lockean Individualism: Government exists to protect rights not to make any moral judgements Consensual Government Secular government: Separation of church and state Puritan Political Thought: John Winthrop: Duel nature of laws: -Civil Law: -Law of Grace: From religion Two types of liberty: -Civil: Do good to others, give up individual freedom for protection and salvation -Natural: Puritan government is contractual: give up some rights to gain others -Give up individualism etc. . -Gain salvation and protection from harm ("freedom resides in obedience to laws" - Rousseau)
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Unformatted text preview: "city upon the hill": america=promised land Israelites were "chosen people" because they were given the law. Puritans thought that they were given a new destiny to inhabit america and create an ideal community. "American Exceptionalism": we think we are different and better and should share our beliefs will all. Self rule: voting for leaders Republicanism we are human we will make mistakes and we will pay for them Paradoxical Politics: Lockean ideal of consent but government became demonstrative-republicanism vs individualism...
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