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GOVT 3665 9_18_08_Notes

GOVT 3665 9_18_08_Notes - Tamed and Limited Democracy The...

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Tamed and Limited Democracy: The political theory of the Constitution Alexander Hamilton and James Madison at a meeting of five state called a meeting of the 13 colonies. Constitutional Convention: Met in secret from may until september 17th No notes were to be taken: facilitated compromise Victory for power and government over liberty and democracy History pays little attention to the critics of the constitution. Patrick Henry: Tyranny of Philadelphia was little different than the tyranny of George the III. 1788: 272 The american spirit has fled from hence..should we imitate those nation that have gone form a simple to a splendid government...wehen the american spirit was in its youth, the american spirit was different. Liberty was ..... Central Government needed more power: They had an impossible task of paying for the war but there was no capacity to regulate commerce or to tax. However Americans don't want to give to much power to the central government Powers: Accepted with virtually no debate: Raise and support Standing Army Taxation Regulation of interstate commerce necessary and Proper clause
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