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Thomas Pain: Lockean: Government is at best a necessary evil Government is separate from civil society Protection of security and peace is the end of government Government is Produced by the wickedness of man. -People have moral defects and government is there -Fed 51: Madison-"If men were angels we wouldn't need government" Government By consent Britain denied americans their natural rights -It was therefore natural for the colonists to rebel King= a crowned Ruffian -did kings come about because their ancestors were aggressive bullies who stole their
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Unformatted text preview: land and passed it down to their children Civil Society:-Equality, Human Association,-tool to check government America is an Asylum Mother country Law is King Draft for Declaration: "A declaration by the representatives of the USA in general Congress assembled,. .." Declaration: "The Unanimous Declaration of the 13 United States of America" Former=federalism Latter= united sovereign nation, more unified, (possibly overstepping its bounds) Pursuit of Happiness...
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