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Memorandum - Memorandum To Dr Deming From Vanessa Barela...

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Memorandum To: Dr. Deming From: Vanessa Barela Date: December 4, 2006 Subject: Major Editing Project For my final project, I chose to edit the Laboratory Manual for Physics 122. I chose experiment 8 entitled Electrical Circuits because of the difficulty our class had in completing the assignment. The first part of my edit had to do with the audience. According to my physics lab instructor, none of the professors are able to cover the material in the laboratory by the time we get to this unit. This makes it very difficult to understand the material and the lab instructor has to teach the material to the students before the lab. Considering this, an asterisk at the top of the section indicates that the material might not be covered yet and to refer to the textbook and for the lab instructor to create a short lecture before starting. This should eliminate some of the difficulty in understanding the material. Another consideration with the audience is readability. The two columns make it difficult to read and the figures are not consistent. This changed to one column with all of the
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