Lockean Liberalism vs. Puritanism_Outline

Lockean Liberalism vs. Puritanism_Outline - Lockean...

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Lockean Liberalism: 1. Proper role of the state a. Function of the government is purely negative b. As an umpire in the competitive scramble for wealth and property c. Government only protects life, liberty, and property d. Keeps peace and order in a voluntaristic individualistic society e. The state is now seen as merely the servant or agent of the propertied men who contract set it up. Protect their lives, liberty, and property – no more no less f. No longer seeks to promote the good or moral life i. No longer defend and propagate moral and religious truths ii. No longer nurture and educate its subjects in the ways of virtue or preside over the betterment or improvement of men and society g. If it did more – such as prescribing religious truth, or if it did less, such as failing to protect the liberty or property of its subjects, then as a mere servant it would be dismissed by those who had set it up and would be replaced by another. h. Locke: “to distinguish exactly the business of civil government from that of religion, and to settle the just bounds that lie between the one and the other” i. Relgion – private personal matters not public – j. Religious wars – protestants vs. catholics – The toleration of religious diversity and the rendering of religion into a matter of private conscience instead of public creed would produce domestic peace. k.
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Lockean Liberalism vs. Puritanism_Outline - Lockean...

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