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Prelim 2 Notes_StudyGuide

Prelim 2 Notes_StudyGuide - Fitzhugh Slavery is a humane...

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Fitzhugh Slavery is a humane alternative to exploitative “wage-slavery” of northern capitalism. Criticized the ruthlessness of liberalism and individualism, in contrast to the worry free patrnalism of slavery . He says everything in the north is about money and Christian virtues are neglected, but he himself neglects the vice of slavery, choosing only to concentrate on its economic benefit. His thought is heavily grounded in social Darwinism as he sees slaves and masters in a symbiotic relationship and employers and free laborers in competition of the fittest. He has a naïve attitute towards the evils of slavery and attempts to gloss it over with darwinistic mentality. “Riots, trade unions, strikes for higher wages, discontent breaking out into revolution, are things of daily occurance, and show that… their condition is far worse under the new than under the old order of things.” (625) “One race of plants has been eating out and taking the place of another… To this propensity of the strong to oppose and destroy the weak, government owes its existence.” (625) Men are told to better their condition and compete in the race of life. The battle of mind versus mind is equally as violent as the battle of sword, theft, and murder The good man is prudent cautious and cunning of fence. Those who rise to higher places in society do so by pulling down others and pushing them from their places. He viewes the free market society as stratified because he is used to viewing the slave society he is in as hierarchical. (middle 627) Very astute and avaricious – injured by none and levies tax on others
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